General Election

GENERAL ELECTION – November 8, 2022
NJSA 19:2-3 – Held in all Municipalities, including Non-Partisan Election for Cape May and all School Elections

JUNE 7 by 4:00pm: Independent Candidate Petition Filing deadline for Municipalities and County. NJSA 19:13-9.  Petitions are filed at the County Clerk’s Office.

JULY 25:  Candidate Petition Filing deadline for School Candidates. NJSA 19:60-7

JULY 28: Last day for School Candidates to amend a defective petition.

AUGUST 15 at 3:00pm:  County Clerk draws for ballot position for all candidates.  NJSA 19:14-12

AUGUST 19:  Last day the governing body of the County or Municipality can submit non-binding question(s) to the County Clerk to appear on the ballot.  NJSA 19:37-1

AUGUST 30:  Last day a School Candidate may decline Nomination.  NJSA 19:13-20

SEPTEMBER 2:  Last day to submit to the County Clerk non-binding question(s) adopted by a municipal governing body upon the filing of a qualified petition by the voters.  NJSA 19:37-1.1

SEPTEMBER 5:  Non-Partisan Candidate Petition Filing deadline for General Election.  NJSA 40:45-8

SEPTEMBER 5:  Last day for New Nomination Petition to fill vacancy for Independent Candidate.  NJSA 19:13-19

SEPTEMBER 9:  Last day an Independent Candidate may decline nomination.  NJSA 19:13-16

SEPTEMBER 13:  Last day for candidate nominated at a Primary Election for the General Election may decline Nomination. NJSA 19:13-20

SEPTEMBER 15:  Last day to fill a vacancy of Primary nominee.  NJSA 19:13-20d

SEPTEMBER 15:  Municipal Clerk draws for ballot position for municipal candidates.

OCTOBER 10:  29-Day Pre-election Campaign Finance Report Filing.  NJSA 19:44A

OCTOBER 18:  Last day to register to Vote.  NJSA 19:31-6

OCTOBER 25: Last day to file appointment or application for challengers at the Board of Elections. NJSA 19:7-3

OCTOBER 28:  11-Day Pre-election Campaign Finance Report Filing.  NJSA 19:44A

NOVEMBER 1:  Last day County Clerk can receive applications by mail for mail-in ballots.NJSA 19:63-3b

NOVEMBER 2 thru NOVEMBER 7:  Any voter who failed to apply by mail for a Mail-In Ballot may by 3:00pm the day prior to the election at the County Clerk’s Office.  See EMERGENCY TIME explanation below.  NJSA 19:63-3d

NOVEMBER 4 by 4:00pm:  Last day to challenge Mail-in voters at the Board of Elections.

NOVEMBER 8:  Polls open 6:00am to 8:00pm.  NJSA 19:15-2

NOVEMBER 28:  20-Day Post-election Campaign Finance Report Filing.  NJSA 19:44A

Click here for the NJDOS Division of Elections Detailed General Election Timeline


If a voter does not meet the application deadline (7 days prior to an election) for a mail-in ballot to be sent by mail, the voter may appear in person to the Cape May County Clerk’s Office until 3:00pm the day prior to the election.  This is known as “emergency time.” 

Approved applicants will receive their ballots on the spot.  If the voter cannot appear in person he/she may complete an application designating a messenger, who must be either a family member or a registered voter in Cape May County. 

The messenger must appear at the County Clerk’s Office with the application and photo identification.  If the application is approved, the ballot will be issued to the messenger for delivery to the voter.  The messenger may not be a candidate. No person shall serve as an authorized messenger for more than three qualified voters in an election.