Fire Elections

April 20, 2021

Held in the Townships of  Dennis, Lower, Middle & Upper

MARCH 22:  Candidate Petition Filing deadline.  NJSA 40A:14-71

MARCH 30:  Last day to register to Vote. NJSA 40A:14-74

APRIL 9:  11-Day Pre-election Campaign Finance Report Filing.  NJSA 19:44A

APRIL 6: Last day to file appointment or application for challengers at the Board of Elections.  NJSA 19:7-3

APRIL 13:  Last day County Clerk can receive applications by mail for mail-in ballots.NJSA 19:63-3b

APRIL 14 thru APRIL19:  Any voter who failed to apply by mail for a Mail-In Ballot may apply by 3:00pm the day prior to the election at the County Clerk’s Office.  See EMERGENCY TIME explanation.  NJSA 19:63-3d

APRIL 16 by 4:00pm:  Last day to challenge Mail-in voters at the Board of Elections.

APRIL 20:  Polls open 2:00pm to 9:00pm. NJSA 40A:14-76

MAY 10:  20-Day Post-election Campaign Finance Report Filing.  NJSA 19:44A